Refereed Journal Articles

7. The gender gap in political interest: Heritability, gendered political socialization, and the enriched environment hypothesis. Politics and the Life Sciences (2023). With Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz

6. Political socialization, parental separation, and political ideology in adulthood. Frontiers in Political Science (2023). Special Issue "Agents of Political Socialization in the 21st Century". With Fabrizio Bernardi

5. Intergenerational social mobility, political socialization, and support for the left under post-industrial realignment. British Journal of Political Science (2023). With Macarena Ares

4. Political socialization, political gender gaps, and the intergenerational transmission of left-right ideology. European Journal of Political Research (2023). 

3. Opposing Forces? Intergenerational Social Mobility and the Transmission of Political Ideology. Swiss Journal of Sociology (2020). 

2. Small Winners and Big Losers. Strategic party behaviour in the 2017 Dutch Elections. West European Politics (2020). With Nicola Maggini and Joost van Spanje 

1. Differential representation? The gaps between mainstream and niche party representatives and their voters in The Netherlands. Acta Politica (2019). With Sarah de Lange

Book chapters (selected)

Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland: Old and new winning formulas of the radical populist right. In: "Transformative elections? Restructuring the National Political Space in Europe in Times of Multiple Crises." Cambridge University Press (2019). With Jasmine Lorenzini.

It’s the culture, stupid! Issue competition in the 2017 Dutch election. In: "The year of challengers? Issues, public opinion, and elections in Western Europe in 2017". Rome: CISE (2018). With Lorenzo De Sio.

Towards the next Dutch general election: the issue opportunity structure for parties. In: "The year of challengers? Issues, public opinion, and elections in Western Europe in 2017". Rome: CISE (2018). With Nicola Maggini and Lorenzo De Sio.

Other publications

Transformation of the Left. The Myth of Voter Losses to the Radical Right. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (2021). With Silja Häusermann, Herbert Kitschelt, Tarik Abou-Chadi, Macarena Ares, Daniel Bischof, Thomas Kurer, and Markus Wagner.

Continu Onderzoek Burgerperspectieven Kwartaalbericht 2012|4. The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau, 2012). With Josje den Ridder and Paul Dekker.


Family and Politics. The enduring influence of the parental home in the development and transmission of political ideology. Florence: European University Institute (2017). 


Survey Dutch Municipal Council Members 2012-2013, University of Amsterdam (2013). doi: 10.17026/dans-x8m-8j4a, deposited in DANS EASY.


My research and contributions have been covered in national and international media, including The Guardian, Times Radio, Zentralplus, Algemeen Dagblad.


Blog posts I've written for the Dutch political science blog "Stuk Rood Vlees": 

'Krijg je ideologie met de paplepel ingegoten?', 22 December 2021

'Maken dochters hun ouders progressiever?' 21 April 2021

'Staan raadsleden van lokale partijen dichter bij de burger?' 23 September 2016

'Clinton, Palin en Pelosi als vrouwelijke rolmodellen?' 23 October 2015